Hi, I’m Daler — a producer with extensive experience in design, editing, development, project and product management, and content creation.

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A couple of introductions

I have a very wide list of interests. The projects I’ve been involved in and my roles are very different (all detailed below). I’ve acted in theatre, been involved in organizing theatre festivals, sold ice cream and cameras, managed the development of complex projects, programmed, did web design, organized concerts, wrote lyrics, and did a bunch of other different things.

My passion is to structure, put things in order and clarify. I also like to get into the essence of things and figure out how they work. I love programming, process automation, and Google Spreadsheets. I know how to work in a terminal, can set up a virtual server, and do research stuff. I’ve spent most of my professional career solving management tasks, but on almost all projects my studies have always been at the intersection of different disciplines.

Work experience

RBC Trends

March 2022 — April 2023 (1 year and 2 months)

RBC Trends is a media outlet within RBC that talks about how the world is changing in terms of technology, science, economics, and society. At Trends, I was involved in developing existing podcasts, helped produce printed RBC magazine, and made board games for a couple of issues (such as for the issue about VUCA and BANI and for the ESG issue. In addition, I helped the editors automate workflows and collect prototype ideas (for example, I made telegram bot with random facts).

Art. Lebedev Studio

From September 2013 to February 2018 and from September 2020 to March 2022

I’ve tried out dozens of different roles at the studio: I’ve been a content manager, coder, editor, manager, concert manager, designer, composer, and producer. There’s a full list of projects with my involvement on my studio page. I list some of my favourite projects below.

Rukami cyberfestival website
Cyberfestival “Rukami” was held every year and brought together hundreds of technical clubs in Russia and thousands of participants in those clubs. It was a big project with tight deadlines. I joined the project a month before the final in the role of manager when the project had difficult production conditions. Along the way, I wrote the soundtracks for the central part of the site — Immersion. In the end, all went well and the project brought the client, the studio, and the team a lot of awards: IF Communication Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Runet Rating Award, Silver Archer, and Golden Site Award.

The centrepiece of the Rukami website — Immersion — was made on the Krono engine. This is a tool that makes it relatively easy to create and direct 3D scenes on the web (for example, the new Aquarium site is made on it). In my role as project and product manager, I helped refine the tool and publicly announce it.

Na Rayone
Na Rayone service generates merch with hundreds of different prints based on the visitor’s current location. I helped set up the development process and also invented and prototyped the key tool of the service, which allows you to create many design variations. The project won third place in the nomination «Product of the Day» on Producthunt.

Nikolay Ironov
I joined the team of neuro designer Nikolai Ironov when it launched as a service. I helped set up the helpdesk and picked up development management until the permanent manager came on board.

Exhibition of paintings by Nikolay Ironov at Cafe Prosvet
Moscow cafe “Prosvet” from time to time arranges exhibitions of paintings by artists, and one day they came to us with a proposal to exhibit paintings by Nikolai. I helped to change the production of the paintings, and the exhibition and organized the sale of these paintings in the studio’s store.

Retail Solutions website
The company came into the studio with a very obscure term at the time — fulfilment. I had to understand the subject and write an understandable story about the company for the designer. He then used it as the basis for the design concept.

Design of the “Water and Sewerage Connection” section on the Mosvodokanal website
Mosvodokanal has a section with information on how to connect water and sewage (a huge chunk of text, tables with tariffs and a bunch of regulations). I had to get into the connection process and radically simplify this page to make life easier for one particular Mosvodokanal employee, who was the only one in the whole Moscow advising on this issue.


February 2018 to July 2020 (2 years and 7 months)

In Habr I acted as a product manager, though I set up processes and accompanied development. One of my favourite things that I did, I helped to merge all Habr’s projects under one brand.

Together with my colleagues, we launched the Habr Weekly and Habr Special podcasts. The first podcast made it to a selection of the best podcasts of 2019 according to Apple.

In my last year, I moved to Habr Career, where as manager and designer I launched Arsenal — candidate management system and redesigned the direct message centre and main sections of the service.

Podcast “Hoba!”

Since November 2020

Together with our friends with whom we’ve done Habr’s podcasts, we’ve launched our own podcast and creative union «Hoba!».

Once a week we get together to discuss the news of the week and topics we care about from technology, IT, education, books, movies, games, and science. And sometimes we also produce special issues in which we invite guests related to IT, science, business, and education. For example, we spoke with Maxim Kuprashevich — leader of the computer vision team at SberDevice, Dasha Baibakova — director of Nochlezhka’s Moscow branch and a neurophysiologist Elena Belova.


  • English, Pre-Intermediate → Intermediate
  • Turkish, Elementary



  • Project and product management
  • Project and content production
  • Content management
  • Web design
  • Designing and prototyping
  • Beginner-level in development (HTML, CSS / SCSS, JS, Gulp / Grunt, Git, iTerm2, Unix, Twig) + sufficient understanding of different technological aspects
  • Automation with
  • No coding with services like Glide
  • Editing and copywriting
  • Technical writing (writing instructions, technical tasks and specifications)
  • Conducting research
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Photography
  • Creating and maintaining podcasts
  • Sound design and composition.
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